4 Things You Should Never Ask a Kabyle

Kabylia a nation

By Izemrasen N.M.

The following questions are recurrent and enormously disturb and annoy the Kabyles. They are often asked by either non-Arab and non-Muslim foreigners who are unaware of the genocidal Arabo-Islamist colonialism in Amazigh Algeria and North Africa or by sadistic and racist Arabo-Islamists to hurt the Kabyles while reminding them their condition of colonized, oppressed and subjugated people.

1- Are you Algerian?

Totalitarian Algeria, which is a French neo-colonial creation, is constitutionally defined as an Arab and Islamic country, while Kabylia, the ancestral land of the Kabyles, is a democratic and secular Amazigh nation, which is being forcefully Arabized and Islamized by the colonial arabo-islamist regime of Algiers.

2- Are you Arab?

The secular Kabyle people whose basic human rights are still denied by the colonial regime of Algiers are struggling to break free from the yoke of the Arabo-islamist colonialism. The rational humanist Kabyles form a people that belongs to the Amazigh world of North Africa. They have their own national identity, their own language, their own history, their own culture and their own way and philosophy of life. It’s really annoying for them to be asked that deeply traumatizing thing.

3- Are you a Muslim?

The rationalist Kabyles consider Islam as a colonial and totalitarian Arab ideology. And as Islam works against and destroys anything non-Muslim, the democratic secular Kabyle people have always been and are still the main target of colonial and genocidal Islamism or Arabo-Islamist fundamentalism sponsored by the tyrannical regime of Algiers. A large number of Kabyles have already been killed by Islamists created by barbarous predatory Arab colonialism that strives to brainwash, lobotomize, enslave and annihilate the Kabyle nation.

The secular Kabyle people don’t defend and don’t feel related to any of the three pagan monotheistic religions, but they have always struggled to preserve their natural human reason, which enabled them to resist and survive all the threats thrown at their nation since the dawn of history.

4- Do you speak Arabic?

As victims of acculturative genocidal Arabization, the Amazigh Kabyle people, whose language (Taqvaylit) is denied and attacked by the colonial Arabo-islamist regime of Algiers, rightly regard Arabic as a foreign colonial linguicidal weapon used against the Kabyle nation.

Indeed, like all the other Amazigh peoples of North Africa, the Kabyle people are still buried alive on their own ancestral land by the totalitarian, predatory Arabo-Islamist colonialism. Deprived of their fundamental human rights, they have up until now no state, no freedom, no TV, no radio, no newspapers, etc. Even their existence is denied by the colonial Arabo-Islamist state of Algiers that continues to destroy their lives to better plunder all their resources and wealth.

The Kabyle people are more than ever in need of global support to establish their own modern secular state. In fact, it is high time to create a better world for all mankind without any discrimination.

But to do so requires that the living take precedence over the dead. The living should not feel compelled to be the eternal hostages of the dead. The will of the dead ends where the will of the living and respect for their rights begin. The duty of the living is to perpetually recreate their nation in such a way as to ensure maximum happiness for themselves.

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3 Responses to 4 Things You Should Never Ask a Kabyle

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  2. Vujma Dayvec says:

    Thank’s for this wonderful website.

  3. Barry Jones says:

    A proud people, Greetings from Wales.

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