Welcome to the Anavad Network!

Anavad NetworkThe Anavad Network constitutes a framework for gathering all energies, expertise, skills and wills to:

• Support the right of the Kabyle people to self-determination
• Support the MAK’s actions on the ground in Kabylia
• Affirm our solidarity with Kabylia
• Assist the Kabyles in difficulty everywhere in the world
• Provide the necessary means to the diplomatic action of the Kabyle Provisional Government (PGK).

All proposals and initiatives in this sense are welcome. All the citizens of the world can take part not only in the building up of the Anavad Network, but also in its expansion and development. The mission of the Anavad Network is to provide the means to implement a Kabyle State—the only bulwark against the aggressions of the Machiavellian colonial regime of Algiers. This latter will then no longer threaten our identity, our language and our freedom, as it will not jeopardize the future of our children that it purposely and deliberately left to insecurity.

The arrest of the leaders of the MAK (Movement for the Self-Determination of Kabylia), last March 10, 2013, shows us how much democratic freedoms are fragile and easily trampled. The colonial state of Algiers can even at any time resort to repression, or mass murder, as in 2001, if only by diversion when serious cases of corruption involve its most prominent members. The Anavad Network will be there for the rapid mobilization of the Kabyle diaspora and the international opinion. If necessary, the Anavad Network will help and enable seriously injured victims to be evacuated abroad for safety and medical treatment.

The Kabyle Provisional Government (KPG), which is already doing a remarkable work, can rely on the Anavad Network that will prepare the ground and provide the best conditions for it to enable it to successfully carry out its mission to chancelleries and international institutions.

We are calling on, on behalf of the Anavad Network, the Kabyles of France and of the entire world, our Amazigh brothers and sisters, friends of Kabylia, whatever their nationalities, to join us in our efforts and determination to build a future of freedom, secularism for Kabylia, peace and prosperity for the Mediterranean.

We commit ourselves, before Kabylia and the friends of the Kabyle cause, to accomplish our mission in full consultation with all members of the Anavad Network and in full transparency.

Press contact: Gaya Izennaxen

President of the Anavad Network

N.B.: Membership is open and welcomed from all citizens and organizations of the world. The membership fee is 10 Euros per month. To join us, just click on the following link and fill out the form: http://reseau.anavad.org/

Now you can follow us on Facebook too: https://www.facebook.com/ReseauAnavad

Below is a historically and humanistically important speech of Ferhat Mehenni, President of the Provisional Government of Kabylia (GPK), delivered on October 5th, 2013, with English subtitles:

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