Yes for Self-Determination and No for Self-Colonization

GandhismBy Izemrasen N.M.

Any rational man or woman would agree that denouncing a totalitarian theological tyranny doesn’t make of us intolerant people. However, it’s clear as spring water that all those who feel uncomfortable because of such a denunciation or condemnation seem to have no problem with obscurantism, fundamentalism, and despotism. 

We are against terrorism, inquisition, intolerance, hatred, fanaticism, ignorance, obscurantism, and totalitarianism. What if we awaken to discover a fake religion that embodies all of these evils that are plaguing our world? The truth is that all the abovementioned curses are sponsored by Islam, and many greedy Western governments in alliance with antihuman Arabo-Islamist tyrants use Islam and its terror to enslave innocent defenceless people and nations. It is an open secret for everyone that the Arabo-Islamist criminal despots are merely puppets and lackeys of the West.

We are for a global alliance founded on democratic secular humanistic freedom, for all people and peoples, everywhere on Earth—our only common home.

Our duty as civilized rationalist people is to fight to free ourselves and our peoples and set up our genuine democratic secular governments. All the stateless democratic secular nations of the world deserve global support to build their own states. But it goes without saying that we can no longer tolerate any tyranny, whether religious or of any other kind, to be imposed on mankind.

Let’s all stand for a world of reason where Science and Truth must prevail to achieve universal equality, well-being, and happiness. It’s in the interest of the whole world to advocate democratic self-determination based on secular freedom and explicitly and forcefully oppose despotic self-colonization based on religion. Everybody knows that light gives life, and darkness brings death.

We must, and we will, continue to put pressure on the world leaders, the UN, and all the Western governments to revise their domestic and foreign policy agendas for the sake of peace, secular democratic freedom and true justice everywhere in the world.

It’s not too late for all those brainwashed sheeple whose brains are not dead yet to focus seriously on the decolonization of their minds or imagination with the purpose of achieving the 21st Century’s much-needed spiritual transition towards free rational thinking. Natural reason, which separates us from animals, makes of us eternal seekers of scientific truths and knowledge. Time has come to debunk Islam in particular and monotheism in general to dry up the ocean of lies in which humanity has so long been drowned.

If there is any God, he is in all the creation—which includes all living beings, Earth and the entire universe. And thus, as we are parts of God, we are all divine. The difference between us and the rest of the creation is that we are endowed with reason. God is rational, and so also is man.

The whole world is now awake. The geopolitics of the jungle law and terror as well as machiavellian despotism, whether religious or political, are no longer tolerable in any part of the world and by any civilized people, whether stateless or not.

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2 Responses to Yes for Self-Determination and No for Self-Colonization

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  2. Yeqqimdisser says:

    It’s clear, net and precise. Tanmirt.

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