Saving the Secular Amazigh Peoples from Extermination

ImazighenBy Izemrasen N.M.

The Amazigh peoples are, and have always been, secular. As you surely know, without religious tyrannies, all the peoples of the world may have remained secular, because the creation itself is rational. There is no room for superstition in the universe; everything is high science. 

Like the Kabyle people, who believe in and defend with all their forces both secularism and democracy, the overwhelming majority of the Amazigh peoples’ leaders fight for the same universal humanist values—freedom, secularism, democracy, peace, and justice.

And although some Amazighs have forcibly been Arabized, misled, uprooted and assimilated after centuries of Islamist tyrannical brainwashing, persecution and terror, the authentic Amazigh rationalist spirit has survived. And it will never vanish.

Today, our urgent duty is to help these religiously and politically oppressed, colonized peoples to break free from the fascist Arabist-Islamist tyranny. But you should also be aware that Arabism and Islamism are two genocidal weapons that have always been used by the Western-imposed and supported totalitarian Arabist-Islamist colonial states to exterminate the Native Amazigh peoples who populate the whole region of North Africa.

Thus, when you are helping the Amazigh peoples to recover and restore their secular identity and culture, you are taking part in a fight against a crime against humanity.

Saving the secular Amazighs from extermination should be a universal duty of the entire civilized world.

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