Will France Accept The Outstretched Hand Of Kabylia?

By Izemrasen N.M.

Kabylia stretches its hand to France, while sounding the alarm that the future of the Western civilization and peoples, which is seriously threatened by fascist Islamism, depends above all upon the liberation of the tyrannized Kabyle people—who believe in and fight for democratic secular humanist values—and all the other peoples of the southern shore of the Mediterranean who share the same universal ideals with the Western world.[1] 

Indeed, it’s no mystery to anyone that the destiny of both the West and Kabylia is under serious threat. Islamism is nothing other than a weapon of mass destruction in the hands of the Western-supported Arab despots. To bring into focus the fact that fascist Islamism is a terrible calamity for mankind, Gaya Izennaxen, a Kabyle secular humanist activist and Director at the presidency of the Provisional Government of Kabylia (GPK) in charge of Audiovisual Affairs, very rightly denounced on his Facebook account the Algerian Department of Intelligence and Security (DRS), which is behind the killing of nearly 350 thousands Algerians and the disappearance of thousands of civilians in the country since 1992, in the following words: “By creating Islamism, by spoon-feeding it through schools, mosques, and by exploiting it as it does today in Azawad, the DRS massacred entire regions under the complacent gaze of France, not to say complicity, and the deafening silence of the international institutions, which also have just given the green light for the massacre of the Tuaregs to come.”

Like all his fellow Amazighs, Izennaxen wishes to see the genocidal Western-Arab Islamo-terrorist alliance dismantled as soon as possible. Islamism conducts to fanaticism and obscurantism, both of which lead in their turn to terrorism and death. In an appeal published by the Kabyle News Agency (Siwel),[2] Gaya Izennaxen urges the silent and indifferent peoples of the world to exercise strict control over their respective rapacious governments that have been directly or indirectly complicit in the ongoing human rights violations and genocide against the secular Amazigh peoples of North Africa. Recently, two or three months ago, in a televised interview and an article in Open Democracy, the British professor Jeremy Keenan has revealed an open secret that the Algerian state is behind not only the terrorist chaos in Azawad, but also the bloody attacks in Kabylia and elsewhere in Algeria.[3] Today, times have changed, and the world of the 21st century must no longer stand with those barbarous antihuman regimes that exploit tyrannical Islamo-terrorism to advance their own criminal and genocidal agendas.

It is shiningly evident that it is in the supreme interest of the West and the entire world to halt without delay the totalitarian imperialist agenda of the Western-Arab Islamo-terrorist coalition that is deploying all its diabolical forces against the secular Tuareg people of Azawad and all the other oppressed, enslaved and stateless Native Amazigh peoples, who are fighting for their fundamental human rights to life, existence, freedom, democracy, secularism, dignity, peace, self-determination, and sovereignty. It’s no longer a secret that fascist, genocidal Islamo-terrorism is being used by the imperialist Western-Arab alliance to deprive the democratic and secular Amazigh peoples from disposing of and using their own ancestral land according to their own will, traditions and interests and from taking their national political destiny into their own hands.

With no military or financial support from the so-called civilized free world, the secular National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad (MNLA) is currently waging a long-term war alone against almost all the planet Earth’s known Islamo-terrorist organizations such as AQIM, MUJAO, Ansar Adine, and Boko Haram, all of which are branches of Al Qaeda, which has been proved by honest political analysts to be nothing else than the spearhead of the tyrannical and genocidal Western-Arab imperialism in Amazigh North Africa.

Like all the Amazighs, the Kabyle people are outraged and incensed by the criminal Franco-Arab conspiracy against the democratic and secular Tuareg people of Azawad as well as all the other Amazigh peoples of Tamazgha—the Native Amazigh peoples’ ancestral land comprising the whole region of North Africa. In one of his enlightening declarations, the President of the Movement for the Autonomy of Kabylia (MAK), Bouaziz Ait Chebib, truthfully and accurately brings into focus the racist and fascist nature of the neo-colonialist Franco-Arab alliance, known as Francarabia:

“The racist Algerian regime and its generals fear the birth of a modern secular Amazigh state. Visceral hatred of everything Amazigh is a constant among all the Arab countries’ leaders. Have a look at that Saudi emir putting pressure on Microsoft to remove the Amazigh script from its new operating system [Windows 8]. The MAK forcefully condemns this infamous alliance that shamefully attempts to perpetuate the Franco-Arab imperialism in the Amazigh land, the land of free men. The massacres perpetrated by the colonial army of Mali, in total disregard of the so-called free world, is a disgrace to humanity. The silence of the international community to such genocide is a criminal complicity that history will remember. … The fight for life of the Tuaregs is righteous, and what is righteous will prevail. The people of Azawad will triumph over MALI, France, and Algeria.”[4]

Regarding the issue of the Islamo-terrorist invasion of Azawad, the President of the Provisional Government of Kabylia (GPK) in exile, Ferhat Mehenni, has also revealed that “AQIM is a pure creation of the Algerian government, which has funded it and assures it logistical support, to ensure influence on the decision-making in the Sahel. … This is a strategy of scavengers.”[5]

The humanist Kabyle people are shocked and disgusted by the scandalous attitude of the international community that seeks at all costs to keep all the Native North African Amazigh peoples stateless, powerless, shackled, invisible and silent behind the walls of the French-created Arabist-Islamist prison-states. Instead of defending, promoting and implementing secular human freedom everywhere and for all peoples in our planet, the world leaders are shamelessly attempting to justify and cover a “crime against humanity” against the Amazigh Tuareg people with the purpose of robbing their natural resources. The spokeswoman of the Movement for the Autonomy of Kabylia (MAK) abroad, Yasmina Oubouzar, has rightly put the finger on the Franco-Arab conspiracy against the secular Tuaregs by saying:[6] “France, which has a historical responsibility in the dramatic fate of the Tuaregs, is walled up in a guilty silence when it does not evoke its “logistical support” to an intervention in Azawad in order to restore the “territorial integrity” of a Nation it created from scratch.”[7]

In the militarily occupied and colonized Kabylia[8]—whose soul and personality are constantly attacked and violated—kidnappings, killings, alcohol and drug invasion, prostitution, Arabization, Salafization, hijabization, Allahization, disinformation, depersonalization, corruption, humiliation, terrorism and persecution continue to be the daily horrifying burdens of the oppressed population. As defenseless Kabylia is sinking into state-created insecurity[9]—which is part of the genocidal anti-Kabyle program of the colonialist, terrorist Algerian regime—the Provisional Government of Kabylia (GPK) in exile has called on the Amazigh Kabyle people to urgently work together to consider how to organize their own self-defense.[10] The President of the GPK, Ferhat Mehenni, has made it clear by declaring: “Insecurity is the fault of the regime through the multiple police forces deployed in Kabylia. We have nothing to expect from this regime. … Kabylia must have its own security forces to put an end to the attempts of the regime that wants to bring the Kabyles to heel.”[11]

Like most of the activists for the self-determination of the Kabyle nation, both Yasmina Oubouzar and Bouaziz Ait Chebib, respectively the President and spokeswoman abroad of the Movement for the Autonomy of Kabylia (MAK), have vigorously denounced the criminal Mafiosi Algerian state to be behind Islamist terrorism in secular Kabylia.[12] In fact, only those who are complicit in turning the stated-created, state-managed terror into an instrument of governance against the innocent, defenseless and stateless Amazigh peoples continue to hide and deny this striking truth. As a popular Kabyle saying goes: “We cannot hide the sun with a sieve.”

Just a reminder, since 1857, the year in which the anti-Amazigh colonial France stripped the democratic, secular Amazigh Kabyle nation of its sovereignty, the Kabyle people have paid, and continue to pay, a high price in human, economic, societal and cultural destruction for their love of freedom and resistance to tyranny. Today, Kabylia’s ancestral immaterial and secular forces are gravely threatened by the genocidal Franco-Arab Islamo-terrorist tyranny. More hidden truths and information on the inhuman situation in which secular Kabylia is thrown have been uncovered in the postscript of my historical book published in September 2011.[13]

The globally-minded Kabyle people, whose existence and survival are dangerously threatened by the Western-Arab-Islamist geopolitical genocidal agenda, are direly in need of support from all the modern secular peoples of the world. Be that as it may, in view of the fact that after its fake independence in 1962, the French-created Algeria—which is ethnically, culturally and historically Amazigh—has been governmentally structured by neo-colonial France as one of its tyrannical, anti-Kabyle, anti-Amazigh, Arabist-Islamist and easily plunderable possessions in Amazigh North Africa, the shortest path for the doubly colonized Kabyle people towards the independence of their nation is to negotiate directly, independently and urgently with the French government that still remains, whether the despotic predatory impostors from all sides admit it or not, the sole ruling power in unfree Algeria and Tamazgha as a whole.

In a world governed by harsh and savage materialism, where noble humanist values have lost their effect and meaning, the abused and tyrannized secular Kabyle people—who have long been denied their basic human rights to live in peace, freely and sovereignly in their own ancestral land—have now the legitimate impression that the entire world is not yet ready to hear about or support their righteous nonviolent struggle for freedom. The current and traditional international media embargo imposed against the Kabyle and all the other Amazigh peoples’ fight for self-determination is an irrefutable indication that the annihilating imperialist Western-Arab alliance has always strived to cast them into eternal non-existence, till their definitive wiping out from the map of the planet. The President of the Provisional Government of Kabylia (GPK), Ferhat Mehenni, has himself many a time denounced this intolerable and outraging injustice.[14] What the peoples of the misled world should also be informed about is that the history, literature, humanist culture, language and secular rationalism of the Kabyle or Amazigh people have always been banned from the media and educational curriculums of the French-created Arabist-Islamist nationless states imposed on Amazigh North Africa.

However, many political observers and human rights advocates are persuaded that the rational, humanistic and moral obligations of current globalization are more than enough to convince the selfish and greedy West to urgently put an end to its enslaving and genocidal geopolitical agenda in Kabylia and the rest of Amazigh North Africa by dismantling its own created criminal Arabist-Islamist tyranny, which has been plundering, oppressing and exterminating the secular Amazighs since so long. Also, it stands to reason that global governance cannot be legitimate or efficient without guaranteeing human rights, equality, freedom, respect, dignity, security, peace, secularism, democracy and justice for all the subjected peoples of the world, including the democratic and secular Amazigh peoples—on whom primarily depend the fate of the Mediterranean and Western civilization. In a greedy and plundering world governed by tyrannical Islamo-terrorism, human secular freedom has so little chance to survive or to prevail.

By ignoring Kabylia, France, or more broadly the West, is ignoring itself. If the current medieval geopolitical mindset of the West regarding secular North African Amazigh peoples does not change, the former would soon be borne away by Islamo-fascism into the wilderness of darkness. Without the rule of secular human reason, the whole world is likely to become a tyrannical Islamist prison dominated by greed, terror, chaos, destruction and hell.



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