Acculturation Is Nothing But A Silent Genocide

By Izemrasen N.M.

As a result of the fact that the colonialist, Arabist-Islamist Algerian administration refuses to recognize the listing of more than 1000 Amazigh first names, over 300 Kabyle newborns still remain with no first names in civil registration records.

Let’s just recall that Algeria is an ethnically and historically Amazigh homeland composed of only Amazigh peoples, all of whom are ruthlessly subjected to continuous forced Arabization and Islamization. Among these colonized, oppressed and stateless Amazigh peoples are the Kabyles (roughly 10 million people), the Chawis (nearly 5 million), the Mzabs (about 500.000), the Algerian Tuaregs (around 500.000), and the Chenwis (approximately 300.000).

As everyone can guess, just like their fellow indigenous Amazighs in the rest of Tamazgha (North Africa), the unassimilated Algerian Amazigh peoples, whose basic human rights continue to be savagely denied, are compelled to live as despised strangers in their own ancestral homelands; whereas the culturally uprooted and alienated Algerian Amazighs who have been transformed into Arab-Islamists are behaving and acting as invaders against their unhoodwinked and unsubdued authentic Amazigh brothers and sisters who refuse to fall prey to the annihilating trap of state-imposed colonial Arab-Islamist myths and ideology.

Enough is enough! Forced acculturation is nothing but a silent genocide! 50 years of genocide and terror! It’s already too much! No Kabyle can tolerate this violent genocidal regime anymore!

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