Azawad: Fighting On Two Fronts

By Izemrasen N.M.

In order to secure their recently liberated and independent country, Azawad, the Native Amazigh Tuareg people are now forced to fight not only against the Western-imposed Malian colonial regime, but also against Western-sponsored Islamist terroristic barbarism.

 These two articles,[1] in French, below give us a clear insight into the Western-Algerian criminal conspiracy against the existence and the fundamental human rights of the Amazigh Tuareg people of Azawad. They explain how, after the green light from Western secret services, the Western-imposed, colonial, anti-Amazigh Arab-Islamist regime of Algiers is invading Azawad with Islamist terroristic groups.

The goal sought through this exportation of  Western-Arab Islamist terrorism into Azawad is to deprive the secular Amazigh Tuareg people of their fundamental human rights to enjoy freedom, to build their independent state, and to live freely, with dignity and in peace on their ancestral homeland.

In short, Islamist terroristic and apocalyptic barbarism is being used in Azawad by the foreign and domestic enemies of the Amazigh humanity to keep the Native Tuareg people under the tyrannical and genocidal yoke of Western barbaric slavery.


[1]. Masin Ferkal, « Azawad : les plans diaboliques d’Alger… »,, 11 mai 2012,; Acherif Ag Intakwa, « L’Algérie, pays exportateur de terrorismes et de malheurs dans l’Azawad », ToumastPress : Agence Toumast Pour l’Info,  11 Mai 2012,

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